LUX* Tuscany: A lighter, brighter hotel experience at the heart of La Selva Chiara estate


LUX* Resorts & Hotels is one of the world’s most prestigious luxury resort brands. Leveraging its Mauritian roots, LUX* brings a ‘lighter, brighter’ holiday experience to Tuscany. The 5 star luxury resort will comprise of 80 well-appointed rooms and suites, holistic spa services and innovative dining that is simple, fresh and sensory.


An eclectic collection of unique experiences, surprises and pop-up treats to help every guest escape routine, revel in spontaneity and celebrate life

Phone Home

VOIP phones in vintage red telephone boxes where guests can make as many local and international calls as they like, free of charge. Whether calling friends and family, a tailor in London or a local language school, it’s on LUX*. Making holidays stress free. There’s only one condition, calls to the office are not allowed!

Wanderlust Library

A collection of books, magazines and cutting-edge travel publications specially curated to stimulate travel senses and expand horizons. Housed in a bright, ultra modern and tranquil space for a moment of bookish cool and calm.

Café LUX*

At the heart of the hotel, a truly different café setting. Using only ethically-sourced blends that are freshly roasted on-site, because LUX* believes great coffee is a must not a luxury! Specialty baristas keep up to date with the latest trends and techniques including pour-overs and nitro cold brews.

Photo Fanatics

The ultimate photography studio to create the perfect holiday album. In partnership with noted photographer Michael Freeman, guests can enjoy the PhotoInspire booklet as well as workshops packed with technical and creative guidance on the best ways to capture the moments that matter.

Cinema Paradiso

Beanbags? Check. Fresh popcorn? You bet. Ice cream? Naturally. The LUX* al fresco cinema shows blockbusters, family classics and much more – all under the stars and completely on the house.

ICI Ice Creams

What’s a holiday without ice cream? ICI Ice Creams is a LUX* house brand and because it’s fat free, it’s a treat without the guilt. Tailor-made flavour combinations served from a stunning retro-styled parlour with a freshly homemade waffle cone, a perennial favourite with guests of all ages.